Making of INDIGO CAFE (SD116)

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Indigo Café is one of today’s most successful coffee shops on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Defining the edge of design, Indigo Café by Siam Design is a combination of European and Thai Architecture. 

The planning took 3 months in 2018 in collaboration with Indigo owners and Siam Design Team. The process with Siam Design included architectural planning, design, and ongoing project consultation. Siam Design emphasizes the use of clay bricks as a wall finish, large arch windows, and French tiles on interior flooring to achieve a European design style. With the rich culture of Thailand, it influences the design stage by incorporating the elements of Thai Architecture into the building, such as the roof design and open-plan design. Taking into consideration the tropical climate of the island, the presence of trees and vegetation on-site is an advantage in the planning stage. The construction took 5 months in 2019. Generally, the structure is made of concrete, steel, and indigenous materials. Large arch windows are achieved by Siam Design Pro Metal Team. To be sustainable and to support local, custom-made furniture is specially ordered from the North of Thailand and lighting fixtures are sourced out from Bangkok Markets.


Indigo Café was opened in January 2020. It is a coffee shop, bakery, and restaurant. The whole building has a variety of multiple and mixed sitting- low sitting, bar sitting, garden sofas, and group table gardens. Located on the Ground Floor, are the garden, café lounge, coffee bar, and pastry display. The 2nd floor is a spacious area for a large group of travelers and locals. The whole building is industrial air conditioned so that you will be comfortable while you enjoy your coffee and stay. The dynamic combination of color schemes- warm earth tone on walls, flooring, lightings, and pieces of furniture provides a cozy and virtuous ambiance to customers both local and travelers; black metal frames that are existing on large window framing and roofing systems defined an overall contemporary style, and a touch of blue hues on furnishings and fabric canopies impressed the Indigo Café brand.

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Come and visit Indigo Café while you’re on the island to experience the beautiful ambiance of Western and Thai Architecture.

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