About Tropical House Plan & Design

About Tropical House Design

A Tropical House Design embodies the design of a house that withstands a tropical climate in most Aisan Countries. The weather in Thailand is often characterized as hot and humid. These characteristics are the basis Siam Design incorporates in planning and designing residences. Thus, the features typically found in most of the projects are:

Pitched roof;

High ceilings;

 Open floor plans;

 Wide openings; and

 Built with indigenous materials, like bamboo and coconut lumber.


Typically, this house’s dweller enjoys its relaxing atmosphere while living in comfort and safety brought by the structure of sturdy and ideal materials in tropically-influenced makeup.

If you want to create the perfect home in Thailand, look no further than the tropical-style home. With its characteristic design details of a pitched roof, high ceilings, open floor plans, wide openings, and indigenous materials, tropical-style houses are bright, airy, and eco-friendly. It is no wonder that tropical style is the concept of choice of many local interior designers and architects in Thailand. 


A modern tropical house in Thailand typically provides an opening for natural light to come in and luxuriously modeled vegetation, giving the dweller an escape from the classic close-packed setting. It achieves this design through the careful utilization of expansive glass and natural materials like woods and stones.


At Siam Design Thailand we make sure to apply modern principles and make any house a perfect place of abode in Koh- Phangan, Thailand.