What is Tropical Architecture?

What is Tropical Architecture?

Tropical Architecture is a popular design choice in Asian Countries especially in Thailand as it is adaptive to tropical climate and is known for blending in with nature. The main goal for this kind of architecture is to incorporate planning and design solutions into the development to keep the interior temperature cool despite the hot and humid climate. 


Considering the climate in Thailand, Siam Design deals ultimately with achieving structures that are resilient to the tropical conditions by letting the climate bring out its conditions in the dweller’s favor. As a result, ventilation is carried out naturally, more natural lighting and e ventilators.


Siam Design aims to provide a refreshing tropical architectural solution that is responsive to its place, and undoubtedly of its time. Most of the distinctive features that can be found are:

The doors, walls and windows are carefully designed and positioned to  accommodate natural air and light inside the house or building.


Open floor plans and gardens directly hit by sunlight;


Wide eaves provide shade to walls and portions right beside the sides of the house or building; also, to protect from rain;


Living areas connect to the entrance or the garden that yield smooth transition of spaces;


Modern tropical architecture applies simple and natural elements. Thus, you often see simple lines composing the design than decorative ones.


These features of modern tropical architecture and many more are part of siam design project design and planning process.

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