What is “Chanot”?

Land paper Chanot

When approaching to purchase land or property, make sure that the type of the land ownership document is one of the following:

  1. Chanote

  2. Nor Sor 3

  3. Nor Sor 3  Gor

  •  The land papers are issued by the government of Thailand and constitute a legal document.

  • Every prospective buyer must verify through the paper and through a local attorney that the seller is indeed the legal owner of the requested property and that the property is free of liens and mortgages.

  • The actual purchase transaction is done directly with the members of the local land office, who verify the details of the transaction and only then make the exchange. Chanot

  • A Chanot document with a red stamp at the top of the document is the highest level of land in Thailand – meaning that some parts have known and final boundaries, and no parts of them will be expropriated in the future.

  • In every sale of land there is a sales tax which is evenly divided between the buyer and the seller.

In Thailand, the size of the land is calculated by a local unit of measure, called: rai. 

Follow the chart for below area size calculations:

1 Rai=

1 Ngan=

1 Square Wa =

1600 sq. M

400 sqm

4 sqm