Types of Title Deeds in Thailand

Unique Types of Title Deeds in Thailand 2021

A title deed is a document that certifies ones claims to land or property. It indicates their rights to land including mortgages, leases etc. Thailand does not permit foreigners to own land but they can be registered as holders of rights like lease, habitation etc. Types of Title Deeds in Thailand

Types of Title Deeds in Thailand

Thailand uses four kinds of title deeds as an evidence of land ownership. They include:

1.) Sor kor nung/ Certificate of possession

In Thailand, a certificate of land possession does not necessarily mean having rights associated with the possession. The sor kor nung only recognizes the individual owning the land.

The consequence of this title deed is that the land cannot be transferred. However, the physical ownership can be transferred to any other individual. The individual will have to apply for a new certificate of ownership.

2.) Nor sor 3 kor/ Showed certificate of use

This title deed implies that all requirements for a title deed issuance were complied with and is pending in the land department. It confirms the person’s right to use the land. This type of title deed allows the holder to sell, lease or use the land as collateral.

3.) Nor sor sam/ Certificate of use

Simply, this certificate is for land awaiting a full title deed. Unlike the nor sor  kor where the land has not yet been measured by the land department, the land in this title deed has been measured and has exact boundaries.

4.) Chanote title deed

This is the certificate for land ownership. It gives the person named in the title need the legal right to the land. It can also be used as a verification of these rights to government authorities. This is most secure type of land title in Types of Title Deeds in Thailand

In conclusion, the chanote title deed is the most secure and useful type deed any land owner should aim at obtaining.

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