SIAM DESIGN is open for worldwide architecture services


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with SIAM DESIGN PRO ONLINE team you can achieve the best results for your real estate projects


Draw architectural floor plans

Create 3d models

Export High Quality architectural rendering and animation

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions


SIAM DESIGN is open for worldwide architecture services. 

Choose from variety of architectural solutions and Siam Design team will start working on your project instantly.

with SIAM DESIGN PRO ONLINE team you can achieve the best results for your real estate projects

What type of projects can order with Siam Design?

Siam design team is experienced with the plan and design of:






Villa Developments

Condo buildings

Commercial spaces and Landscape

Which services are included?

Siam Design offers :Draw architectural floor plans, Create 3d models, Export High Quality architectural rendering and animation. Do you require another service? Contact us to get started

Is it necessary to contact and message before ordering?

YES Please, Before ordering, kindly contact us because each building and house have its own requirements and details and there is no fixed price for it. Your requirements will let you decide the rates for the project.

Can you do a walkthrough animation?

Yes. If you need a walkthrough animation, Please leave me a message, I will discuss it with you more within a short time.

Can you handle large orders in a limited time?

Yes. Once we get the details about your project, we’ll give you the shortest possible time in which I can deliver you the complete project. At Siam Design we work very fast at the same time maintaining the quality of drawing and delivering value.

Can you help me design? I'll describe what i want

Sure can! Let us know your specifications and we’ll help out and give you options.

Do you draw Construction and working drawings of plans too?

Yes, we provide a whole set of drawings as needed with planning. Contact us before placing an order.

I have a plan and drawings already. Can you help me draft it out to scale?

Of Course. Contact us to start your order

Do you offer 3D service?

Yes, Siam Design do 3D work. Please check our 3D model service.

Which software do we use ?

Autocad – Revit – Sketchup -Lumion – Photoshop

What types of rendering?

Image and video rendering for any scale project. Including : interior, exterior’ landscape , commercial and any type of real estate projects.

What types of plans?

Siam Design is experienced with any teup of drawing plans: architectural, floor plans, elevation, sections, site plan, landscape for any type of real estate projects.

What is the pricing?

The price calculator depends on project size, amount of detail & project types. Contact us to start your project instantly.

What Is the Return/Exchange Policy?

Project plan purchase is NOT returnable once the order has been submitted. any requests for refunds, returns, or exchanges will be rejected under any circumstances. Please review your order carefully before placing it. Also, please check the dimensions of your land, site, or lot before purchasing a house plan for it. All sales are final.

Which Payment Methods are Available?

We accept: Credit Cards – PayPal – International and Local Bank Transfer.

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How can I contact Siam Design?

contact us directly at: [email protected]

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