Start your project instantly with Architecture Plans Ready to Build.

Following building regulations on Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Koh Tao.

Every order includes:



Custom fit of the plan to your land location and materials specifications


Signed Building drawings set in scale 1:50.

(40-50 pages PDF) Including: Architectural, Structure, Sanitary, Electric and Site Plan.


Prepare your construction permit documents with Siam Design

Plan Modification


Every house plan catalog can be modified to your specific design choices.

The following updates are available for every house plan catalog:

Fit the plan to your project location
Roof design
Roof type
Balcony roof structure
Indoor floor type
Balcony floor type
Doors / windows type
House color palette
Pool finish type (if have)

Frequently Asked Questions

House Plans Catalog Explainer Video:

Frequently Asked Questions


Start your project instantly with ready made house plans and designs.

Every house plan follows Thai building law on Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Koh Tao.

What is included with order?

1. Architectural House Planning – Adjust the desired plan to your project location, preferred house materials and custom plan details.

2. Construction House Plans Book (PDF 40-50 pages)

3. Building Permit Apply

What is the order process?

Step 1: Choose a House Plan from Siam Design House Catalog.

Discuss House Materials, house position on land and plan details.

Step 2 : Receive floor plan for review, fitted to your land and specifications.

Step 3  : We will create the 3d model of the floor plan and send it for your review. House revisions available at this step.

Step 4 : Receive full digital house Presentation ( Animation + PDF- A4 ready to print ). 

Step 5 : We prepare and Apply a building permit for your house.

Step 6 : Receive full house Construction plans set and building permit.

What type of house plans are available?

Siam Design House Catalog boasts both modern and tropical house plans 

Plans available by house size  1-100m2 / 100 -200m2 / 200-300m2

Or number of bedrooms 1 Bedroom / 2 Bedrooms / 3 Bedrooms

What house plan modification can be done?

Every house plan catalog can be modified to your specific design choices.


The following updates are available for every house plan catalog:


Fit the plan to your project location
Roof design
Roof type
Balcony roof structure
Indoor floor type
Balcony floor type
Doors / windows type
House color palette
Pool finish type (if have)

What is the Construction House plans set used for?

The house plans book is used for the whole construction process. The construction company will use it to build the house, materials specifications and building details. The construction book includes: Building drawings set in scale 1:50 (40-50 pages PDF) Plans Included : Architectural, Structure, Sanitary, Electric and Site Plan in A3 format for easy printing.

How to choose Colors, textures or Materials options

Once the project starts, the siam design team will send you a link to- house catalog details list. 

from the details list you will be able to make your house choices of: roof design, roof type, balcony roof structure, indoor floor type, balcony floor type, doors / windows type, color palette, pool finish (if have).

The Siam design team will apply your choices into the 3d model and final result.

House Lights plan included? Which plans are included?

Yes. Every order includes standard electric and light  house plans .  The plans book includes: site plan, architectural plans, structure plans, electric and sanitary plans. See example here

What is the Price for plans? Is everything included?

Siam Design house catalog is a fixed price by house size. see siam design house pricing.

The order includes the architectural house design files, full construction book and building permit application. No more funds are needed to finish the process

How long will it take to apply for a building permit?

The process starts immediately with purchase. Once the house model (step3) is approved by the clent, creating house drawing and submitting building permits can take between 1-3* months. Estimate only.

Who do I need to contact through the process?

The Siam design team will escort you throughout the full process. Once the order is submitted we will work on the model according to your specifications. Once the model is approved we will prepare the construction house book and prepare all supporting documents for building permit. There is no need to contact anybody else than the Siam Design team through the process.

What is a building permit?

A certified government certificate allows you to build the suggested design according to the local law. The building permit gives you access to request “yellow book” (house address), connect to electric company and government water supply. It is prohibited to start any construction before obtaining a full signed permit license. The license is 1 page A4 with the house detail (in thai language)

How can I be sure I am able to apply for a building permit at my project location?

The Siam design team will check the restrictions and regulations of your land location to make sure you are able to build and receive permits. Contact us before making an order at : [email protected] siam-design.com. send us the desired house catalog plan together with project EXACT google location and land paper(chanot). The siam design team will check for you for FREE if you are aloud to build the desired plan at your location.

Do I need a building permit and how long does it take?

Customers who intend to build this house design are required to obtain a Building Permit certified according to Thailand building regulations and zoning law. The permit must be approved by the local municipality. Once all documents are ready and submitted, it usually takes 4 weeks to receive a house building permit.

How to choose the right plan?

Browse Siam Design house plans by house floor size, number of bedrooms or construction price estimate. Before choosing a plan please check the size of your land (length and width), how many people will use the house and what is the budget frame. If you have a very specific vision for your new home and can’t find it through our website. Please feel free to tell us more  at  [email protected]

My project is not located in Thailand, can I purchase the house plans?

Yes, Siam design house plans catalog fits to local and international clients as one. If you DO NOT require a building permit in Thailand, see pricing for only house model files (3d / pdf / render).

Please contact us at [email protected] siam-design.com with the desired house catalog plan and project details . The Siam design team will fit the project to your specific location. Visa, paypal and mastercard payment available.

What Is the Return/Exchange Policy?

Your house plan purchase is NOT returnable once the order has been submitted. any requests for refunds, returns, or exchanges will be rejected under any circumstances. Please review your order carefully before placing it. Also, please check the dimensions of your land, site, or lot before purchasing a house plan for it. All sales are final.

What is the average Construction price? How much will it cost me to build the project?

Construction price can vary according to building standard and finishing materials. A common local construction price stands at average of  20.000 thb per 1 sqm house, 7.000 thb for house balcony /terrace / exterior floors, And 25.000 for swimming pool. (Do notice these are average-low numbers.)

Do you offer Construction management for HOUSE PLANS CATALOG?

We offer FREE construction price estimates for every order (see example) and recommended construction companies to build your project on koh phangan. Siam design does NOT follow up on your construction project. It is recommended to choose a reliable and experienced construction company to build your house.

How will the plan fit to my project location?

The siam design team will fit the plan to your exact land location. Contact us before making an order at : [email protected] . send us the desired house catalog plan together with project EXACT google location and land paper(chanot) to make sure your desired project can be done.

Interested in building more than 1 house on the land?

Any exact house duplicate is offered at 50% discount. This will include fitting all the houses units on the land and applying building permits for the whole property. 

Is landscape or garden plan included?

Private Landscape / garden planning is available at an extra fee. Priced at 9,900 thb per 1,000) square meter land plan.

Send us project information to  [email protected] , including: land map, google location, desired design details and receive final invoice to start your project.

What is my guarantee?

Every HOUSE PLANS CATALOG is planned and designed according to local building law. With experience of more than 5 years, dozens of projects and 100% permit success rate, you can be sure your project is in the right hands.

Which documents do I need to show to receive a building permit?

  1. Land title – Chanot or Nor Sor 3.

  2. DBD (company information).

  3. ID / PASSPORT copy of landowner.

Can a building permit be in a foreigner’s name?

A foreigner can have a building permit on his/her name. Although foreigners are not permitted to own land in Thailand, they are not prohibited from owning the structure on it.

How long is a building permit valid?

Building Permits are valid for 1 year from the issuance date and are subject to yearly renewals for 3 years.


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Which Payment Methods are Available?

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